We'lld all agree that finding a secured investment that provides a decent return is not always easy. However, most lucrative businesses like transportation is always hard to manage when you have another primary business or a 9-5 job.

My name is Wole OKUSANYA, the founder & CEO of TSGi, a transport support firm specialized in creating tech-enabled transport solutions.

As part of our solutions, We have created a digital platform called tsgi Aid, that enable you & I to collectively reduce unemployment by investing our reserved funds in transportation & making a decent return of 30%.

Last quarter of 2017 recorded an all-time high 40% for both unemployed & underemployed rate in Nigeria. That means more people have lost the ability to properly take care of themselves & their loved ones.

With tsgi Aid, these individuals can get connected to investor funds which allow them become self-employed through the transportation business leveraging on tsgi’s experience & expertise.
We are currently focused on private taxis which is the most lucrative for now.

The investor funds are used to get required vehicles, relevant licensing documents, tracking devices & adequate insurance packages which make the investment 100% secure.

We have also found a way to eradicate vehicle depreciation Loss which is a big problem in transport investments, so all investors get back exactly what they contribute + yearly ROI of 30% which is paid quarterly.

Operating on a shared value business model, we are not only reducing unemployment or creating an investment opportunity...We are also uniting communities & allowing the free flow of wealth which is strongly needed in any developing country.