V-Park is the leading real-time parking solutions provider in Nigeria and the first company worldwide to introduce of barcode technology using mobile device in managing parking assets.

Oct. 6, 2011 - PRLog -- Since creating the global awareness about barcode technology in July, the Chairman of the company, T.O Ifabiyi explained that most IT and parking solutions companies overseas have put gear in motion to copy this unique innovative creation initiated by the Founder of V-Park Management Solutions Limited and thanked the team behind the innovation from conception to final phase implementation for making it a success.

Speaking during a short brief with company executives on Tuesday, the CEO/Founder of V-Park, W.A Seriki emphasised that the barcode technology was created due to the gap in the international market regarding its usefulness after several months of costly research. He added, companies overseas are now pressurised to bring this kind of innovation to the market using a different name for it even though they are aware that such technology already exist in Africa. He stated that the company has been inundated with calls both locally and internationally for full understanding of its “use, process and functionality” and mentioned that, what will separate V-Park’s invention from the “rest” are factors like adaptability, simplicity and costs.

The COO of V-Park, D.O Oluwabiyi stated that five big companies name undisclosed have already signed licensing agreements to commence the use this powerful but yet simple technology in managing their parking lots and that no other company around the world can offer such technology at the cost V-Park is offering. He added, “We know that the benefits of this powerful technology is long-term and has the potentials to fulfil its lifecycle.” He stressed that it’s only a matter of time for the international parking market to really appreciate the use of V-Park barcode technology and the thought behind it, instead of some companies relegating themselves to copycats.

The company CEO concluded that V-Park is the first parking company to have introduced barcode technology in managing parking assets using mobile device and that the secret code of such technology in terms of “use, process and functionality” will never be made public.

The company plans to attend major international parking conference next year.